LITTLE BLACK BOXES is a magical. romantic fantasy. It takes place circa 1920. A small American town is turned upside down when a stranger, wearing a bowler and mustache, rides into town on his bike and selectively hands out a dozen little, black boxes. He instructs the new owners not to open his or her boxes, for if they do the boxes will be empty. However, he says that their patience will bring them (or someone they know) a treasure. Along the way, lost loves are found, mysteries uncovered, murderers and crooks are routed out, and there is, perhaps, a miracle or two. Anyway—everyone will get exactly what they deserve! Learn how lives are changed for the better or worse as this unusual situation is dealt with. 

by T. E. Breitenbach

PACKAGE DVD & CD INCLUDES complete script, vocal/chorus score, piano/conductor's score, detailed production notes, set designs, costume notes, reproducables, and more, all in PDF format (PRINT AS MANY COPIES AS YOU NEED!) Also included are full-color logos and show posters, fonts, complete production/rehearsal/backing tracks and sound effects (allowing you to perform and rehearse without a band), a professionally sung cast recording of the complete show, mp3 files of the cast recording (for actor's to practice with on their mp3 players), and midi and Sibelius files (in case you need to print or perform songs in a different key). There are no band parts at this time for Little Black Boxes, though adequate scores can be derived from the midi files. Shipping charge is included.

 TO DOWNLOAD A PERUSAL SCRIPT, access song clips, plot summaries, cast requirements, performance specifications, photos, videos, lyrics, sample scores and more, click here: PREMIERE MUSICALS GUILD

PERFORMANCE ROYALTIES must be purchased separately.


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