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Given the popularity of the film What the Bleep Do I Know and remarks by quantum physicists that "matter is really more like thought", not to mention new scientific theories about evolution guided by intelligent design, it seems that our origins and the nature of reality are still in hot debate.

This is a romantic picture from an artist's point of view, suggesting that if there is a Creator, he would have worked in the same manner as an artist today, taking his time with creation, enjoying the artistic process, evolving ideas, and even changing his mind (about keeping dinosaurs around for example). In this scene, the "Great Artist" realizes that the dinosaur leg might also work for birds. (As you may know, birds share the same leg design as certain dinosaurs.)

Other features include camouflaged birds in the mountains, dinosaurs in the trash, and the Creator's red sneaker. Fractal images represent the artist's own theory that we are all fractal gods, with whole universes inside each of our own heads, and that this pattern repeats forever.

28 x 22 inches (fits standard frame size)

by T.E. Breitenbach

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