For non-artists, beginners, & professionals!

Not just another painting course!  You'll have the rare opportunity to work with a true master, at home through the onine painting course, or in person at his castle studio in Altamont New York.

T. E. Breitenbach will show you actual painting secrets which in centuries past would have been handed down, master to apprentice. These secrets are not available anywhere else!




Minimal list of art supplies needed for this course:

1. Several small posterboards coated with acrylic gesso,
2. Size 0 Round and a 1/4” Flat red sable or Taklon brush,
3. Oil paints (small tubes): Burnt Umber, Yellow Ochre, Phthalo Blue, and White,
4. Any liquid painting medium or linseed oil,
5. Odorless paint thinner,
6. Two small cups,
7. Paper napkins,
8. An old toothbrush,
9. An artist's palette OR wax paper OR a piece of glass (with smooth edges) OR a ceramic plate.







(Includes 11 Videos and 6 Printouts)

     Studio furniture,
     The maulstick,
     The palette,
     Painting supports,
     Selecting paints, brushes, and more.
Exercises (Secrets revealed 1-8)
     How my method works,
     Making sense of the sun, reflections and shadows,
     Secret #1  How to use contrast and exaggeration,
     Secret #2  Why never to use black pigments,
     Secret #3  How to avoid making “mud”,
     Lesson #1  Painting straight shapes,
     Secret #4  How to lay down color in zones,
     Secret #5  How to blend the paint,
     Lesson #2  Painting round shapes,
     A second blending technique,
     Lesson #3  Painting boxlike shapes,
     Secret #6  Why we paint light edges before dark,
     Secret #7  Why you should paint thinly and use glazes,
     Secret #8  How to create “happy accidents” and other
          textural tricks.
Your Continuing Education (Secrets revealed 9-10)
     Secret #9  How to analyze old master paintings,
     Secret #10  How to keep and use reference materials,
     Lesson #4  Painting metallic & glossy objects,
     Lesson #5  Painting skies, clouds, and landscapes,
     Lesson #6  Painting trees,
     Lesson #7  Painting grass,
     Lesson #8  Painting hair & fur,
     Lesson #9  Painting transparent objects,
     Lesson #10  Painting water.
Executing a Complete Painting (Secrets revealed 11-14)
     Secret #11  How to plan in advance,
     Secret #12  What to paint first,
     Secret #13  What to paint next,
     Secret #14  Masking,
     Varnishing the painting.
The Artist in Society (Secrets revealed 15-18)
     Secret #15  How to build confidence,
     Secret #16  Why artists will never become obsolete,
     Secret #17  How to look successful, get yourself in print,
          support other artists, and form groups,
     Secret #18  Why New York City is NOT where it’s at.
Appendix - Additional Printouts
     Plans for a special maulstick,
     Making "true gesso" panels,
     Pigment characteristics,
     Sources for art materials.


The Studio/Castle:

Paintings copyright
T. E. Breitenbach.