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ieronymus is a colorful, romantic, musical fantasy about medieval artist Hieronymus Bosch (painter of The Garden of Earthly Delights)
      When Hieronymus Bosch begins courting Anna, the daughter of a wealthy art patron, he finds himself in a difficult position. It seems there are a great many odd creatures living in his house, a result of his over-active imagination. This fact he attempts to hide from Anna and the public. Anna soon discovers the creatures, though she is instantly won over by the cute Sophie, and the funny pair of Otto and Gregor.
      Erasmus, a jealous admirer of Anna, also learns of the creatures and attempts to have Hieronymus arrested by Church authorities for the practice of black magic (a serious matter in these times).
      Though Anna is brave at first about the creatures, she is also concerned about having a normal and wholesome home in which to raise a future family. She attempts to change Hieronymus’ ways, an improbable wish, and is left to do some serious soul-searching.
      As Hieronymus' imagination leads him deeper and deeper into trouble, he abandons it for a time, even denying the existence of his beloved creatures.

. E. Breitenbach, the creator of Hieronymus, is himself a painter of fantasy, well known for his masterwork Proverbidioms, and as such he lends his own personal angst to the show—the feeling that most everyone doesn’t really get it, even those closest to you. The passion, the joy, the pain—the creation and reality of such.
     Hieronymus, the production, was a true spectacle, being a collaboration of community organizations including, Schenectady Light Opera, Proctors Theater, Baker School of Dance, The Society for Creative Anacronism
(Medieval reenactors), Bethlehem, Guilderland, Ichabod Crane, Schenectady, Shenendehowa, and Voorheesville high schools (who made creature masks), and so many talented actors and staff. Over 250 people were involved in bringing this show to life.
     The story has all of the emotional highs and lows we so enjoy in a good musical; The love story is warm and uplifting, the villain hellishly evil, the songs lush and appealing, and the dances exhilarating. The comedy and fabulous creatures are unforgettable.

Audience Comments
 "I was thoroughly entertained."

“I felt uplifted the entire next day!"
"The kids were all giggling. It's a perfect family show."
"I found it affirming and inspiring."
"The humor was brilliant! I didn't want it to end."
"Outstanding play and music! Look out Broadway!"

If your browser doesn't support the player above, use these links: It's a Funny Feeling, Colors, Imagination, Yo Ho, Alone, Whatabout, Come With Me, Come, The Creature's Waltz, What I Am, Introduction.

Contact Thom Breitenbach, Executive Producer at (518) 861-6054
or Performance rights are available.

The photos on this page are from the August 18, 2016 production at Proctors Theater Schenectady NY.
Book, music, & lyrics are copyright 1999 and 2016 by T. E. Breitenbach. All rights are reserved.
Hieronymus and also "I feel an inspiration coming on!" are trademarks of T.E. Breitenbach